Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Star Studded Birthday.....OHH YEahhhhh!!!!!!

Recently Ajay Bindal and Mohit Gulati Owners of Club RSVP celebrated the birthday of the well known singer Sukhe. The party was also attended by bollywood actor Randeep Hooda and other renowned singers like Raftaar, Big Dhillon and Milind Gaba. The party was well attended by all the guests who were invited for the star studded night.  Many socialites from the Delhi circuit were also seen at the special cake cutting of Sukhe to name a few are Mia Lakhra, Sapna Tewari, Jagnoor Aneja, Ankit Nagpal , Kavya Khurana and Many others. The Party continued all night with live dance performance by international artists. Sukhe and other singers were also spotted singing live for all their guests and fans. 

Actor Randeep hooda , Ajay Bindal (Host)
Ajay, Ankit ,raftaar , mohit gulati (Host)
 Milind gabba , Sukhe , raftaar
sukh-e , sapna tiwari
Mia lakra , ajay bindal, ankit nagpal
 Sonali ajay bahuguna
Cake Cutting Ceremony