Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Varija Bajaj-The Real Hero @India Runway Week

There are virtual heroes on the silver screen who are good, fight all evils and are perfect in every possible way. We aspire to be like them in our real lives. Then we see Super Heroes, who fight battles in real lives to protect others. The Army, Navy, Airforce and the Police are constantly battling for our peace and happiness. But even above them are ‘persons with disabilities’ who are the Real Heroes that fight daily battles with taboos, society, their own health, insecurities and a constant fight to prove their abilities over disabilities

Designer Varija Bajaj at India Runway Week on 16th September at Thyagraj Stadium was inspired by the uniforms of   Super Heroes which was showcased with interesting headgear to match to the theme. Colours of  Black, Deep Grey,Navy Blue, Olive Green, Maroon and Purple made a perfect blend for the upcoming winter season.Otherwise known for her bridal-wear the designer surprised the audience with a very chic western pret collection. Asymmetrical silhouettes, zippers, studs, rivets, lapels and laces made an integral part of her collection.The collection was complimented with jewelry from Tanishq, while the show was choreographed by Ketan Mehta  

The showstopper for the evening was a 5 year old boy Shubham who battles down syndrome with his contagious smile. According to the designer Varija Bajaj "He is a REAL HERO who redefined the meaning of a show-stopper for me in this fashion world. He fights this society...it's taboos and his own health problems so heroically that I salute to him and many others through this collection which we showcased today at India Runway Week. And we stand united to fight along this battle of Shubham and so many others."

Below are the links attached of the show-


Jeetendra Dharewa,Varja Bajaj and Asha Bajaj

Sandeep Marwah
Ketan Bhatia
Mrs Bharti Taneja
Gunjan Gaur
Kapil & Pamal Aggarwal

Manuj & Nandita Sharma
Sujatha Narayanswami-Shubhams Teacher
.Rashi Anand with Kaushik Ghosh
Sanjana Kalra-Director IPW
Showstopper Shubham with Varija Bajaj

Avinash Pathania and Kiran Kheva