Sunday, 29 January 2017

Ace Fashion Designer Neelam Saxena hosted a mindblowing party at Cafe Public Connection.....

Ace Fashion Designer Neelam Saxena and Entrepreneur Nikhiel Kumar hosted a mindblowing party for all the party freaks of Delhi at Cafe Public Connection,Cannaught Place recently. Neelam came out with this awesome conecept of "We are One" which is highly liked by single males/females of Delhi/NCR who wanna party hard. On this ocassion anniversary bash of We are One group is celebrated as well. This party was thrown to unite all the friends as the tagline suggests "We are one"...All credit goes to gorgeous lady Neelam Saxena for this mind-blowing concept. Group is all about singles well settled and mature people because Delhi or India has not become broad minded for single woman or single parents till now. Still girl alone can’t go to any club alone and if most of the people are generally married so u have to make plans as per their convince so  Neelam(Nels) as a admin has made this kind of group where we all single males and females plan together an dependent or family or friends party or get together. We go out for picnic movies pubs as a family and enjoy whole heartedly says Neelam. Seen at the party were Sylvie Rodgers,Vandana Vadhera,Mia Lakra,Vivek Mishra,Shaine Soni,Nishi Singh,Nikhiel Kumar,Amit Talvar & many others....

Neelam Saxena,Mia Lakra,Vandana Vadhera & Shaine Soni

Happy Anniversary
Lavanyaa,RD Lal,Neelam,Anjali & Nishi with friends

Jasspreet Jass Singh & Neelam Saxena with friends

Sylvie Rodgers with friends

Shilpa Raina Wahal,Mia,Vivek Mishra & Shaine Soni

Sylvie Rodgers

Nels you are beautiful

Lavanyaa,Sylvie & RD Lal

Amit,Neelam,Anjali & Nishi celebrating with friends

Nikhiel Kumar,Lavanyaa with friend

Nels,Amit Talvar & RD Lal

Neelam Saxena & Ashish Dhondiyal

Anuj Lalwani,RD Lal,Nels,Nishi with friends