Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Friends meet Leading Fashion Stylist Shaine Soni who is a owner of brand "Nude".....

Fashion stylists have been known to set new trends in the fashion world. A fashion stylist can give a different look or a hip look to a traditional garment, which can become all the rage in the fashion industry. A stylist can give a celebrity a certain fancy accessory for a certain event and it might become the most-wanted one. My Lovelies today I would like you to introduce leading Fashion Stylist Shaine Soni, Owner of brand Nude & she owns a store as well.

For some, properly styling an outfit requires tremendous focus and planning. For Shaine Soni, “style is instinct.” In Shaine’s own words, she is more than just a fashion stylist. The visionary behind some of the iconic models, Shaine describes herself as a “conjurer of fantasy,” whose work entails “taking an opportunity and making sure it comes out perfect, whatever potions she has to mix.” 
Over an almost twelve years of her career, she has succeeding in doing that and more. Shaine is one of the most widely sought-after stylists in the industry and has worked with the world’s top photographers to create picture-perfect concoctions of style and art.

While working as a Stylist, Shaine began testing out the fashion waters. “I had tried a lot of different things, and I just had heard about this job and I thought, “I’m going to be a stylist!” she said. “I literally started testing, I know, I was working with great photographers and doing this job.”  She is humble; her work is far more than simply “doing.” It is that keen eye and innate understanding of styling that has led Shaine to create some of the most important looks in fashion and entertainment. While she has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of models and celebrities it’s not about styling people, it’s all about the pieces she gets to work with. “Every season, it’s more like, do I get to shoot that Chanel backpack this season? You better get that backpack for me. It’s more about items and clothes that I’m obsessed with. I need that rainbow Prada coat! I have to shoot that. That’s more how I think, rather than whom [I get to shoot],” she said. It is her ability to evolve her role in the fashion industry—from collaborations with leading designers—that allows Shaine to maintain a fresh outlook as a stylist. A forward-thinker and perennial rule-breaker, her biggest fear is that the fashion industry is becoming increasingly “sterile, safe, and fearful.” As stylists, “we want to make sure it becomes more than that,” she said.

 Unsurprisingly, playing it safe has never been an option for Shaine. As for her own outfit styling? It is a more spontaneous process. Ironically, the legendary stylist hardly gives it any thought. “Five minutes. I don’t plan. I never plan an outfit. I kind of have this half-uniform of my dresses and accessories and then whatever goes on top with that, who knows,” Shaine said.

Leading Fashion Stylist Shaine Soni

Shikha Sharma & Shaine Soni
Shaine Soni with actor Jimmy Shergill

Shaine with Pammy kaul & Anuj

Gorgeous Shaine in her own styling

RUBARU Mr.India 2017

Shaine with Nels and a friend

Sexy Shaine Soni

Shaine with Actor Ranbir Singh

Drop Dead Gorgeous Shaine

Sylvie Rodgers & Shaine Soni