Saturday, 11 March 2017


Peek-a-Boo institute for Pre School education organization its musical concert 2017 "Dance of the world"

"Dance of the world"  spearheaded by Sangini Lalwani, Deepali Shah, Darshini Shah.

The bonanza saw the presence of Pavni Pandey & Asees Kaur. 

The Lil cubs unfolded a wave of music with dance, music and edutainment

PEEK-A-BOO presented a unique bonanza with concert 2017 "Dance of the world"

Dance is one of the first ways all preschoolers make distinction among things they see and express it through rhymes to describe various elements.

Dance, determines your mood, mood determines your productivity, productivity determines your success, success determines your happiness.

Concert 2017 had array of performances and the moods where toddlers performed to the various tunes depicting each expression and its feeling, the stage unfolded in various moods and created a magical energy of dance of dance and music.

"Expressions of dance" was a very unique concept which was an amalgamation of art beauty and creativity.

The very name sets fire to sends the blood into the super fast bullet train zone.
color, light, music and magic, those were the ingredients of Peek-a-boo's dance carnival!

Concert 2017 was displayed through music and movement and had choreographed dances, acts, plays as well as special entertaining programs for children handled professionally.

The guest list included top notch singers, music directors , music directors and artists from the music fraternity. Bollywood singers Ms. Pavni Pandey sung her very own iconic "laila mein laila" which energized the audience and they too were humming the same.

Spearheaded by Sangini Lalwani, she says "PEEK-A-BOO  INSTITUTE FOR PRE SCHOOL EDUCATION soul motive is to prepare children for a better and brighter tomorrow in the most fun way possible. Our innovative and pay based curriculum is scientifically researched with education guidelines set across the globe to maximize development of children during their early childhood years. "expression of music" is a step towards our vision".

Spearheaded by  Deepali Shah,  she says "PEEK-A-BOO  INSTITUTE FOR PRE SCHOOL EDUCATION is a leading education institute which comprises of preschool of creative arts club in warm, nurturing classroom filled with parents to help children reach their development and education objectives"

Spearheaded by  Darshini Shah, she says "PEEK-A-BOO  INSTITUTE FOR PRE SCHOOL EDUCATION sets the foundation for a child's future, giving them just the right start and experience needed not only for elementary school but also the overall development for child's personality as an adult. we at peek-a-boo recognize and appreciate the environment that will help these little cubs grow as  the king of the jungle"

Abhash Mukherjee Performing

Darshini Shah

Deepal Shah with Sangini Shah and Darshini Shah

Kids Perfmring at Peek A Boo (2)

Kids Perfmring at Peek A Boo

Pawani Pandey with Asees Kaur

Sachin Karande with Salim Farooque

Umesh Pherwani  with Wife