Sunday, 12 March 2017

Pampering the beauties

It was a ravishing Sunday afternoon when beautician Kiran Padda and Shaifali Gupta hosted a sundowner soiree to pamper Delhi socialites.  Eminent models, designers, stylists and socialites were spotted at Grey Salon in the capital pampering themselves with foot massages and beauty therapies while soaking in the sun and sipping wine and mocktails. The prominent faces included Stylist Sylvie Rodgers, Avleen Khokhar, Meeta Chaturvedi, Yotsana Atree, Nishi Singh, Anil Gupta, Aman Padda and Anuj Lalwani amongst others.

Shafali Gupta-The Host

Alok & Nishi Singh

Avleen Khokhar

Disha Chandra with Anuj Aneja

Kiran & Amar Padda

Meeta Chaturvedi with Sylvie Rodgers

Viresh Verma

Yotsana Atree with Anuj Lalwani