Sunday, 24 July 2016

Shahnaz Herbal Salon opens in Kuwait

The Shahnaz Husain products have already acquired a commanding presence in the Middle East, with a tremendous demand. The Shahnaz Husain Salons and other ventures have extended worldwide through a unique franchise system. Franchise salons have opened in prestigious locations in the Middle East. A Shahnaz Herbal Franchise Salon is also operating in Kuwait, in the city of Salmiya. The Franchise has been taken by Sheikh Adel Mohammad Hamad Abdullah Al Tameemi Al Hooti. The 2000 sq. ft salon has a luxurious ambience and is spread over three apartments. The reception, waiting and retail areas have an ultra modern décor, in pink and black, with luxurious seating and carpets. The treatment rooms contain the latest equipment and furniture.  

The Shahnaz Husain Salons have become world renowned for their unique personalized beauty services and specialized treatments. Cleansing, purifying, stress-relieving and rejuvenating massages and treatments are provided. The Shahnaz Husain formulations, used in the treatments, rely on the rich Indian herbal heritage. The Kuwait salon has highly trained therapists, who are totally committed to client care, in keeping with the Shahnaz Herbal tradition. Today, Shahnaz Herbals is the largest salon chain of its kind in the world, supported by over 375 Ayurvedic products. According to Shahnaz Husain, “Brand India leads the international cosmetic world with the Power of Ayurveda.”

Shahnaz Hussain

Interiors View Shahnaz Hussain Salon- Kuwait