Saturday, 17 June 2017

ZAMA by ANJALI SAHNI Presented the new high-end fashion couture range of evening and bridal gowns​.

New Delhi-  ZAMA by ANJALI SAHNI participated in Pre Finale show and presented the new high-end fashion couture range of evening and bridal gowns​ at ASIAN DESIGNER WEEK at Talkatora stadium. The scintillating outfits with excellent tailoring and dreamy palette of fall colors, merged with vibrant splash of hues ready to unfurl their inner beauty.

The guest spotted at the event were Sonal Jindal, Nidhi Gupta, shruti dwivedi, Dolly Nagpal, Daksh Obreoi, Sajnay Nigam, Sonya singh and many more..

About the collection: The collection being inspired from the blooming aspect of nature, has a very interesting colour palette which catches one’s eye in the first place. The colour palette is a combination soft colours, which do not look dull at any point .A unique texture has been given to the whole collection which sets it apart from other collections. An amalgamation of applique work, weaving, bead and pearl work is incorporated into the garments very intricately, especially on the bodice. The designs created were not very easy to construct and to top it up, were the surface ornamentation techniques.

‘Bloom’ is a word which, when strikes someone’s mind creates a delightful coloured landscape with flowers, trees & fruits.Flowers worn as adornments have a deep rooted history in enhancing beauty, seem to have lost their significance and now they are replaced by expensive jewels and noble metals. Nature is alluring and so are the fruits of it.Taking inspiration from this very aspect of nature, Anjali created some magnificently striking designs.

The ultra-feminine silhouettes not only add up to the feminine beauty but also indicate on the fact, how natural blooming of flowers complement the beauty of a female. She is as soft as petals, as delicate as flowers, as fertile as a bud and as colourful as a garden. The most fascinating part about the collection is that, it has all been designed without even using any sort of prints which would create that look much more easily. The florets are juxtaposed on to soft colour fabrics to make them more visible. The silhouettes also accentuate the natural curves of the body. 
(Right To left )Dr. Nandani sharma BJP With Dr. Seema Bakshi (Director of Baksons)

Ankita Rai Tiwari with Nimit Rai Tiwari

Daksh Oberoi

Designer Anjali Sahani

Designer Dolly Nagpal With Astrologer Shruti Dwivedi

Designer Niket Nishra with Naila

Gagan Sahani with Sonal Jindal

kamya Ahlawat

Kavita Malhotra

Manoj Sharma


Models on Anjali Sahani Collection

Nidhi sharma Chadha with Jatinder Chadha

Sanjay Nigam With Sadan Pandey

Show stopper Model Ankita With Designer Anjali Sahani

Sonal Jindal

Sonya Singh (Owner CCl chandigarh team)

Viresh Verma