Monday, 23 January 2017

Gifted & Talented but Insecure....Isn't it weired guys??

It is said that males shouldn’t be jealous it’s a female trait. Well, men and women exhibit jealousy equally if you ask me. Everyone from us regular people to the celebrities out in the world experiences the pitfalls of jealousy. It’s nasty and never good.  

Something is really brewing as it comes to notice that facebook account of ace Delhi based Fashion Designer Amit Talvar aka Sarla Bhenji is being hacked and he is unable to put his Sarla Bhenji Videos directly on his facebook account. As a T.V. Journalist & Blogger I really request insecure people to grow up. Everybody is born with inbuilt talent you are noone to decide anybody's fate. People with high celebrity status act in  such a cheap way which is no more inspiring to fans. Shockingly, we aren't the only ones. Even the most sought-after celebs occasionally fight low self-esteem.The truth may surprise you.

We've all had coworkers that have left us gritting our teeth with rage and the following celebs know the unholy fury of having to work alongside someone they hate.
While us mere mortals have to climb the ivory tower to management or make some sneaky laxative brownies to get revenge, the stars need only open their mouths and trash their nemesis' to sway the world on a co-worker's reputation.
Despite the fact you are exectionally talented amit aka "Sarla Bhenji". You are loved by your fans all over even Iam your biggest fan. This phase is a phase of your growth that even so called celebrities are insecure of you. I would like to tell my readers Sarla Bhenji is Amit Talvar's own creation just to tickkle your funny bones. Kindly stand by his side spread the word and support him in maximum. 

Amit Talvar Aka Sarla Bhenji on Prime News Channel
Amit Talvar aka Sarla Bhenji as a Panelist on Zindagi Show(Prime News Channel),New Year Special

Sarla Bhenji we love you

Amit Talvar as Sarla Bhenji

Amit Talvar on sets of Big Boss

Actor govinda with Amit & Sylvie

Amit interacting with Salman khan on Big Boss