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My lovelies meet most Influential Hairstylist & Makeup Artist the "Sylvie Rodgers"....

The very thought of hairstyles makes us think about the significance that hairstyles have in our life. Do hairstyles actually matter? Do they really help us to represent our inner self? Do they really leave an impact on others? Well, the answer to all these questions is definitely a YES! Your hairstyle is something which brings out the confidence in you. Where, on one hand a good hairstyle can make you attractive, on the other hand a bad and shabby hairstyle can take away all those opportunities for which you were eagerly waiting. This sounds cheesy but it’s true that a human mind judges you by your personality initially and later by nature. So a bad hair day can actually turn out to be your worst day ever as it can put you down anywhere. From this we can judge the importance of a hairstylist. A hairstylist is a person who can completely transform our looks by just playing with our hair. India is a country where a good lot of talented hairstylists made their mark and gained fame on international grounds as well.

Well known as Sylvie, Sylvester Rodgers is an Indian celebrity hairstylist. He left his job of a surgeon just to become a hairstylist. Before taking up the hairstyling profession he was working in St. Luke’s hospital in London as a general surgeon. According to him, he was the wildest doctor who ever existed in that hospital as he had purple hairs. Sylvie was brought up in Kolkata and completed his studies in Darjeeling. In order to pursue further education he went to England and opted for medicine. His passion for hairstyling increased when he was on a holiday at Chicago and he was introduced to hairstyling by his cousin. Sylvester had also undergone a cosmetology course and later became a legal cosmetologist. As a hairstylist he initially started as a hairdresser in a salon and gradually opened his own salons at different places.

Famous Bollywood Hair Stylist Sylvester Rodgers.
·         Sylvester Rodgers is now called as “Sylvie” in Bollywood industry.
·         Sylvester Rodgers is an Indian celebrity hairstylist. She left her job of a surgeon just to become a hair stylist & now she is an live inspiration for others. 
·         Sylvie was brought up in Kolkata and completed her studies in Darjeeling. In order to pursue further education, she went to England and opted for medicine. Her passion for Hair Styling increased when she was on a holiday at Chicago and she was introduced to Hair Styling by her cousin. Sylvie proved it rightly choose your passion & live your dreams while enjoying your work. 
·         She has gone on to become one of the most popular names in the fashion circuit of Mumbai & Delhi.
·         As a hairstylist she initially started as a hairdresser in a salon and gradually opened her own salons at different places.

 I had the immense pleasure of speaking with Sylvie Rodgers – the internationally renowned celebrity hairstylist who is known for her trendsetting vision and extraordinary skill.  One of the most influential hairstylists in the world, Sylvie launched her own Salons and maintains an active role in her successful salons.

Sylvie also conducts exciting hair styling/cutting demonstration, taking several unwitting men and women from the audience and transforming them in front of our eyes.  I noticed immediately in Sylvie an air of complete command, authority and confidence – an energy that communicated, “I know I’m great at this, and have nothing to prove – I just want to help people feel and be their best.”  I was taken too by how collaborative she was with the other stylists from her salons that she brought to do their own kind of magic says Sylvie Rodgers.  She asked them about their styling opinions and advice, honoured their input, and showcased their talents as much as her own. 
Seeing Sylvie in action, I knew I wanted to understand more about how she had done all this – climbed to the top of a very cut-throat, male-dominated field, launched a successful business, managed  salon businesses , travelled internationally with her celebrity clients.  Hats for Sylvie for being so passionate, inspiring & loving human being.
Not only this Sylvie is the most kind,loving & giving person I ever had met till now. She is a most wonderful person altogether. Through this article I wanna pay you my deep regards & love. Keep me in blessings forever....

Shikha Sharma & Sylvie Rodgers

Sylvie with her bride

Sylvie Rodgers with her client

Gorgeous Sylvie

Sylvie in an candid conversation during interview with Shikha Sharma

Sylvie's Designer Salon in Delhi
Sylvie's mantra-Eat,Drink,Rave...Repeat

Beautiful Person in & out 

During FDCI Fashion Show

Meenakshi,Richa,Sylvie & Vandana

Girl geting trendy hair style from Sylvie

Sylvie Crowning MRS.India winner

Sylvie with her bride

Actor Sonu Sood with Sylvie

Sylvie herself in a sexy hairstyle

Sexy in Saree

Sylvie with Govinda & wife Sunita

Hairstyling by The Sylvie

We love you Sylvie Rodgers