Monday, 30 January 2017

Shameful act by Political workers of Samajwadi Party & BJP during Electoral program of Prime News at Mainpuri in Uttar Pradesh……

The media play an indispensable role in the proper functioning of a democracy. A prime concern of media coverage of elections is the right of voters to full and accurate information, and their rights to participate in debates and dialogue on policy matters and with politicians. Inherent to this task is the entitlement of parties and candidates to use the media as a platform for interaction with the public. This what Prime news is doing with their special programs on elections. But today’s afternoon a shameful act of cowardice came forward during election program”Bol Voter Bol”  as political volunteers of Samajwadi Party & BJP fought together. Stones, chappals & chairs were thrown at each other during poll program of Prime News. Samajwadi Party & BJP volunteers fought with each other.  It has been come to notice that police has reached on time & two volunteers has been arrested & others will be arrested soon also in future Prime News Channel team will be provide with security as well said by ADG Law & Order Mr. Daljeet Chaudhary. Which is indeed a good step. But it’s truly shameful act as it’s an open harm to Indian democracy. In This whole scenario Prime News team is affected. As our senior journalists and other media persons were present there.

As soon as this news came to knowledge it is highly criticised by all political person and media persons all over.

Mr.Mohsin Khan Managing Director/Editor-in-Chief at Prime News reacted in immense desolation and called the police informing the incident. Police reached on time & has given full support. On this incident Prime News has been supported by various political leaders & media persons. To name a few were Razia Nawaz- Leader Samajvadi Party, Dr.Pushkar Mishra-Leader BJP, Pradeep Singh-Leader Congress & Senior Journalist- Devendra Shastri and many others.These all were present on Live Breaking on Prime News Which goes till 4:30 PM in evening on Monday. All said unitedly that it’s clear attack on Indian Democracy & sadly on media.

Prime news is acting not the sole source of information for voters, but in a country dominated by mass communications, it is increasingly the media that determine the political agenda, even in less technologically developed areas. Parties are competing amongst each other for the best ways of resolving political problems. They are in competition for influence and power. Without the power to enforce political vision it is not possible to organize a society. Internal discussions and conflicts within, as well as between, the parties accompany this contest for ideas and power. They are legitimate and essential.

Live Breaking on Prime News

SP/BJP workers attacking each other during Prime News electoral Program-"Bol Voter Bol"

Shameful act

Stoning each other.Team of Prime News has been affected 

Prime News Reaction after the incident

Politicla leaders & Media Persons came in support

All said Unitedly its a act of cowardice

According to recent reports…India was among the three most dangerous countries for journalists in 2015, with nine reporters losing their lives during the year, according to the annual report of Reporters without Borders released recently. Sadly these facts are not favorable to the Indian democracy altogether.