Thursday, 26 January 2017

"Success is being in charge of your lifestyle and creating something you're proud of, surrounded by people you love"-My lovelies meet Stylish Entrepreneur Sonal Jindal

Successful women entrepreneurs are not only matching their male counterparts – in several ways, they’re outperforming them.

Sonal Jindal born in Himachal to a hotelier father and an extremely down-to-earth mother, Sonal was a calm and passionate girl as a child. She inherited her taste in style from her grandmother, and till date she continues to inspire her in her various endeavours in this field. She has a degree in Marketing from IIPM and she has been able to use this knowledge to further disseminate her various ventures. With sheer understanding of style and fashion, she has been able to bring together a fresh breed of fashion designers and inspire them to come up with something niche and phenomenal. Sonal is passionate about travelling which has helped her to explore fashion trends and traditions and incorporate these in her enterprises. Her penchant for fashion is not restricted to only apparel and extends to jewellery and accessories also. She has been successful in bringing a host of fashion and jewellery designers under one roof to showcase their creations at the Medusa Exhibition. People who know this immensely talented, positive and vibrant Sonal are also aware of her involvement in social causes and her association with an NGO called Divya Deeksha.

Sonal Jindal had the creative spark and entrepreneurial spirit right since a young age. Thanks to a conducive environment her talents blossomed leading to establishment of brand Medusa that commenced operations in 2015. Her inner aesthetic eye and innate talent to identify premium products that would fly off the shelves fueled her foray into high end luxury products exhibition segment.

Her exhibitions attracted attention and became eagerly anticipated events by glitterati and fashion conscious society in metros, starting with Delhi from where she progressed to Mumbai. Never interested in the ordinary, she eschewed bulk production and sales in favor of niche, high end boutique style designer approach to promoting designers and this approach delivered rich dividends.

Today, a number of successful designers owe their success to Medusa. At a personal level, Sonal is a loving mother and home maker with diverse interests in music, arts, social causes and betterment of society. She devotes time to the NGO Divya Deeksha.

Delhi based Medusa converges skills, expertise and talents of its creative team to organize outstanding fashion and lifestyle events that leave an indelible mark. Our focused implementations transform ordinary into exotic and create brands that become the favorite of elites. Medusa has organized 11 fashion exhibitions in India, each one a memorable event that has worked wonders for its participants. Our next step up is an international destination to be announced during the exhibition.

Entrepreneur Sonal Jindal

Fashions Fade but Style is eternal...Sonal Jindal always stylish
International Exhibition soon in Belgium

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Sonal Jindal with Subhash Ghai(Director/Producer)