Tuesday, 24 January 2017

THE DYNAMIC DUO SMT.Ratan Kaul & Parull Mahaajan

I would like to take the opportunity  to introduce the kind of work which these dynamic ladies  undertake. They are staunch supporters and promoters of 'Swadeshi' and promote hand-loom and the concept of 'Make in India'. Also these ladies are very active in the areas of environment conservation and achieving the goal of a Swastha , Swachh & Shreshtha Bharat   !Cheers Ratan Kaul & Parull Mahajaan...

Ratan kaul & Parull with Maneka Gandhi ji

Dynamic Ladies with Sh.Anil Madhave

With Sh.Suresh Prabhu

With SMT.Meenakshi Lekhi ji

With SMT. Tara Gandhi

with Sh.Shashi Tharoor